About the Project

Chasing Darkness is a photography and video collaberation between astrophotographer Jack Fusco and adventure photographer Jeff Bartlett. When both photographers recognized the new tourism trend that showcases dark sky preserves and observatories across North America, they were inspired to curate a definitive stargazing destination guide. By combining easy-to-reach location near major cities with far-flung bucket-list destinations, their 10-stop list is sure to inspire night sky enthusiasts and general travelers alike. Read more about Chasing Darkness

South Lake Milky Way

About Jeff

Focuses on the art and craft of adventure, blending photography, writing, and teaching with a keen passion for story. Read more about Jeff here

About Jack

Jack's astro-photography work is often a result of hours worth of planning shots out weeks or even months in advance to make sure all the celestial elements align while seeking out dark skies around the world.

Read more about Jack here

Limited Edition Prints

To compliment the Chasing Darkness films, the two photographers are also offering limited edition prints.

They have each selected his own favourite image from each dark-sky destination featured in the films. These prints will be sold as a pair and limited to 25 editions per set.

These prints will never be available as individual prints and, once they've sold out, they won't be sold again. 

Click here to view the Limited Edition Print Gallery

Episode 1: Alberta

Episode 2: Oregon

Episode 3: Yellowknife

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